The Nonlinear Optics Web Site

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Technical Resources

Books in Nonlinear Optics: Shop for books in optics and materials for nonlinear optics.

CHIMERA: Molecular modeling system.

Encyclopedia of laser physics and technology Speaks for itself.

Goggle Scholar: Search the web for scholarly articles.

NIST Chemistry Web Book: A wealth of data on molecules such as UV/VIS spectra, Vibrational energies, electronic energies. etc.

NLOPredict: Nonlinear optical prediction and data analysis tool. (requires ECSF CHIMERA).

Online Courses Top Online Courses and Classes on the Web

Optics InfoBase: Search Optical Society journals. Lasers, optics and Photonics resources and news.

Optics and Photonics News: Speaks for itself.

Physical Review Online: Search American Physical Society journals.

Physics Archives: Free reprints and preprints of over half a million articles. A guide to physics web sites that covers over 7,000 web sites.

Quantum Mechanics Notes: All you need to know about quantum mechanics. A good set of lecture notes.

Research Funding

Air Force Office of Scientific Research

Army Research Office

Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency

Department of Energy

National Science Foundation

Office of Naval Research

Professional Societies

American Chemical Society

American Physical Society

IEEE Professional Association for the Advancement of Technology

Optical Society of America


Useful Utilities

TeX4PPT: Use LaTeX commands in PowerPoint to make sleek equations (does not work with PowerPoint 2007).

IguanaTex: LaTeX in PowerPoint, and works in all versions. Converts equations to image so compatible with systems without IguanaTeX. A+

LaTeX2HTML: LaTeX to HTML converter.