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NLOsource is maintained by Mark G. Kuzyk.

I seem to be continually explaining nonlinear optics to students and to the public. I have found no good single source with simple explanations, nor is there a good repository of resources. I am therefore publishing this site with basic tutorials as well as more sophisticated discussions for experts.

Mark Kuzyk in Darwin Australia

Photo: Mark G. Kuzyk, on the Spirit of Darwin, Darwin Australia, August 2006.

I am a professor in the Department of Physics and Astronomy at Washington State University in Pullman, Washington. I am also a professor in the Materials Science Program. My research specialty is in organic nonlinear optics with an interest in smart materials, novel optical phenomena in polymers, and the theory of the nonlinear-optical response. (My CV in pdf format)

I got my Ph.D. in 1985 at the University of Pennsylvania, and worked at AT&T Bell Laboratories from 1985 to 1990. I have been at Washington State University since 1990, where I have served as Chair of the Materials Science Program; and, Associate Chair and Graduate Chair of the Physics Department.

In 2005, I was selected to deliver the Distinguished Faculty Address at WSU, which I gave two days after surgery to insert a titanium plate in my wrist, which I broke playing ice hockey.

In 2018, I was awarded the Eminent Faculty Award, the highest honor bestowed on a WSU faculty member.  Check out the link to the video here.

Your Eminence

Some of the tutorials are based on a series of lectures I presented in a summer school on Porquerolles Island, HyŤres (France), while other materials are those that I have developed for classroom lectures or are byproducts of my research.

I am also including links to useful web sites as well as other resources such as software and utilities that I have developed in the process of doing research. In addition, I plan to include tabulations of useful nonlinear-optical material properties as well as news items that relate to nonlinear optics.

Comments, suggestions, and links to interesting sites are always welcome. So, please send me any items that would you believe would be of interest to users of NLOsource, and I will try to post as many of them as possible.

Since I am busy with lots of things, this web site may not be updated as often as I would like. I apologize in advance for those of you who are eager for more content.

Wizard of Light

The Wizard of light

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